MassNutrition - The Worst "Customer Support" EVER! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!!

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I placed an online order around Feb 12th to be sent to my sister in Notre Dame IN. I contacted Mass Nutrition via their "Customer support email address" to update the "Billing address" which was incorrect, and the shipping address should have been my sisters. They respond back stating they've updated the info and the shipment was on its way.

I received another email with the Tracking number which is going to my address not my sisters! I emailed Mass Nutrition, telling them that they messed up the shipping address which was my address and it should have been sent to Indiana! They told me that "I need to call UPS and have them rerouting the package." When I tried that, UPS sent me back to this incompetent "customer support" company. I sent several emails telling them my concern, and they persisted it was my mistake, and they could do nothing about it. When if it was my mistake it would have been to the incorrect shipping address which would have been an alternate address, not my home address with my sisters name on it!

I talked to 2 "customer service reps on their order line." One was supposed to call me back after a 5 hour wait, and never did. The second customer service representative took the time to research the complaint but still could never do the simple thing which was to contact UPS and have them pick up the package and have it reshipped to my sisters. The answer Chris gave me was "because it wasn't our error, it would cost us too much money to have it picked up from UPS, and shipped to my sister!" What a mess! I got off the phone so upset and couldn't have felt worse or ignored due to a mistake on their part, not mine.

Don't order from this company unless you want shipping issues. I wanted to do business with this company, but if they can't get simple instructions right by just reading their emails carefully, about billing address versus shipping addresses, then I won't trust them to have my business or anyone of my friends. So don't waste your time or money with this company, unless you want to deal with an incompetent customer support team! Even if I was wrong though, I must say, "The customer is always right!" By far the worst experience ever, will NEVER order from them again!

Ordered: Amino 2000

Tip: Don't waste your time, energy, effort, or money placing orders with them, or having them correct mistakes that you may have made, because they will screw up the order worse than it was.

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Oh and BTW, I haven't heard anything from them at all. They never resolved the issue placing the blame on me, when if whomever were reading their emails would have discovered that they were DEAD WRONG in the first place. Anyways, again...DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ORDERING...THEY DON'T READ!

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If you want to take a huge chance of getting your supplements late or not at all you will order with mass nutrition.

I have order from them twice and had to wait a month to get my supplements. The second time it was six weeks and my order still was incorrect. Now they just are not answering my emails, and they do not have a customer service number. I just have to email them and get no return phone call.

I have sent seven emails to them and got no response, I lost out on over $200.00 worth of supplements to those dirt bags.

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Spent over $200.00 and received a product that is unacceptable.

They do not have a customer service phone number and will not answer my emails--I have emailed them twice and no acknowledgement from them.TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Will not

give this company any more of my business!!!!Wished I had found this website before I had sent my order.


I cant believe this company.I placed an order a couple of months ago and nothing on their web page states any items are back ordered.

after about a week and nothing showing up, I contacted them to find out one item out of 6 was back ordered, so they hold the entire order until the one item is available. I had to cancel the entire order and place the order again, but without the back ordered item. I should have learned my lesson. A few days ago, I emailed them to inquire about the availability of several items.

I was told everything is in stock. So rather than place the order on the web page, I called to place the order again, I verified EVERYTHING was in stock. I live in the same state, so usually I will receive items over night. I was told the order would ship that day.

The following day when the items didnt arrive, I sent them an email to confirm the order had been processed. They replied and told me that it had, but I never received tracking information. So I sent them another email asking for the tracking number, so that I would know exactly when to expect the items. They told me that I would receive the tracking info when the items ship!

WHAT?!?!? I sent them an email back telling them that I was told the order would ship two days prior and they responded by telling me that two of the items were back ordered. Unbelievable. They do have the best prices Ive found, but only by a small percentage.

Its worth it to spend a couple of...

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I've order from mass nutrition several times and never have had any problems, plus they seem to have the best pricing i've seen around. I think, in regards to some of these comments, pressure on some of these peoples brains from lifting to much, or whatever has made them inpatient and possible sort tempered.


I ordered from thes guys a few months ago and was told that they didn't have the flavor protein I wanted and had ordered online.Instead of the banana casein I wanted they told me they only had chocolate fudge and that was all they could offer at the time.

I approved the change to the order. I called back about 20-30 minutes later and said I didn't want the chocolate and that I would wait for the banana. At this point I was told that "the order" had already been sent to the shipping dept and there was nothing I could do to change the order. That's ridiculous.

I received the order and like I expected, hated the chocolate fudge casein protein. On top of that, it took over two weeks for my package to get here... in Jacksonville, Fl. These guys are out of Miami.

That means they had more than enough time to correct the order since they obviously didn't ship it out that day or even the day after.I have contacted them again and was suprised at just how horrible their customer service is.


I have not got my order and have been waiting for so long... ugh. if anyone knows a number to call for customer service please let me know.


thx for all the reviews on massnutrition im shur i saved myself a big problem with this scamers for a company :cry :cry


I have ordered through Mass Nutrition and even had items sent to Iraq and I have never had your experience of not receiving the products. I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I will continue to order supplements through Mass Nutrition, they have good prices and have never let me down.

Russellville, Alabama, United States #18060

Oh yeah by the way, I never did get my free stuff from Supplement warehouse, and when I did get the order it was 7pm and I was done with my workout at 5 and only had one scoop of my post workout shake left. Talk about a day late dollar short

Russellville, Alabama, United States #18059

:( I understand, I have been a similar boat with them but not that bad.Supplement Warehouse isn't much better I waited two weeks for my order with the.

I did atleast have some customer service number to call. They said they would give some free samples and shakers, and 5% off the next order, I guess that is better then nothing.

It still is cheaper then GNC they will rob you blind.I have heard good things about they are a pinch more but they give you free stuff and its 6 dollars shipping on all orders and normally gets to you in 3-4 days, haven't tried them yet but I will next go around which will be soon.

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